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Please note that the Lynn Fire Department does not issue fire permits for fire pits.


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Located at 424 Broadway, is staffed by two firefighters. The major areas of responsibility of the Maintenance Division include:

Apparatus Repairs

The Maintenance Division coordinates with the DPW garage and several private vendors to arrange repairs for the Fire Department’s vehicles and related equipment.  The Division also completes many repairs to vehicles and equipment in-house.  Included among the repairs completed by the Division are Onspot chain systems, sirens and radios, circuit boards, hand lights and chargers, a number of switches and valves, automatic shoreline disconnects and Plymo-Vent diesel exhaust systems on the apparatus and in the stations.

Mass Decontamination Unit (MDU)

The Division coordinates with the Emergency Medical Services Division to maintain the Mass Decontamination Unit (MDU).

Personal Protective Equipment Repairs

Firefighter safety is the primary concern of the Maintenance Division. Firefighter Scalona is certified by Scott Mfg. to repair all our breathing apparatus and he conducts the department’s maintenance programs for breathing apparatus. The Division regularly tests all self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) including flow testing and hydrostatic cylinder testing. The Division also repairs most helmets in-house and turn-out is repaired either in-house or through arranged repairs with outside vendors.

Small Engine Repair

The Division maintains and repairs a variety of small engines on the apparatus including generators, saws, and Hurst power units.

Tmx-412 Multi Gas Detectors

The Maintenance Division maintains our TMX 412 multi-gas detectors with each unit being recalibrated and tested twice monthly. Most of the repair work on the units, such as replacing sensors, is completed in house.

Traffic Control Emitters

The Division has installed traffic control emitters on most of our apparatus.  This feature allows traffic lights to synchronize with the travel direction of our apparatus.

Other Responsibilities

In addition to the above, the Division often coordinates with other agencies for the clean-up and painting of some of our stations, repairs hose as needed, repairs the SCBA fill stations as needed, and oversees the annual SCBA fill stations certification test provided by an outside agency.





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